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Psychodiagnostic (also called 'psychological', 'personality', or 'PTSD' assessments) - the goal of these assessments is to assess mental health functioning and often to provide a diagnosis...they usually consist of several hours of clinical interviewing and several hours of testing as well as report writing time. ..a typical assessment would involve 1/2 day with the client (3-4 hours)...and the total assessment would be approx. 6-10 hours of work depending on complexity ($1080-$1800)

Neuropsycholgical (also called 'neurocognitive' assessments) - the goal is to assess cognitive functioning in relation to a brain injury, concussion, or other neurological illness/condition (e.g., dementia, medication side effects)...these are typically full day assessments face-to-face with clients (or several 1/2 days)...the entire assessment process includes testing with client, file review, scoring, report wiring, and feedback session,,,therefore the total hours is usually around 20 hours ($3600) but this can again vary depending on complexity*

Psychovocational - purpose is to assess a client's cognitive, learning, and occupational interests/aptitudes to assist with return-to-work planning...the time with the client varies, usually close to a full day, a typical assessment takes a total of 15-20 hours but this can again vary depending on complexity...($2700-$3600)

Psychoeducational (also called 'adult learning disability' assessments) - purpose is to assess client's learning abilities, diagnose potential learning disabilities, and usually make recommendations regarding return to work and/or retraining...the time with the client varies, usually close to a full day (but less than a neuropsych...maybe 9-3)...a typical assessment takes a total of 10-15 hours but this can again vary depending on complexity...($1800-$2700)

Adult ADHD - purpose is to determine whether someone has ADHD or not...the time with the client caries depending on whether it is narrow focus (i.e., ADHD diagnosis) or broad focus (ADHD versus other possible learning/cognitive issues)...the narrow version usually involves 1/2 day with client plus report writing, the broad version can be a full day with client...the narrow version usually takes around 6 hours whereas the broad version is similar to psychoeducational assessment above...($1080 re the shorter version)

Legal assessments (also called 'Forensic' assessments) - purpose is to conduct a psychological or neuropsychological  assessment for a legal matter (example - MVA with insurance companies suing each other...the amount of hours is similar to the specific type of assessment listed about...but the fee for legal assessments is higher $220 per hour (because they are more challenging and require an advance skillset)...we also do legal assessments to inform divorce/custody proceeding (i.e., assess the mental health of the parents, see psychological assessment above)...but we do NOT do custody evaluations (also called parental capacity assessments)...custody evaluations require a very specialized skillset and involve assessments of both parents and children...other notes re legal assessments - must be licensed psychologist (no Residents), if a law firm is paying then we bill the usual way, but if the individuals are paying out of pocket (e.g., parents being assessed as part of custody dispute) then we require payments before we release the report...the payer (law firm or individuals) are also responsible for the court costs of the psychologist which is over and above assessment/report fee (not all legal assessments involve 'court costs'...that is only if the Psychologist has to testify)

Cancellation Policy - 5 business days' notice is required for cancellation of assessments other a fee equal to half the quoted rate will be applied.

Note re fees - Abbreviated/screening versions available for some types of assessments (e.g., neuropsych evals for sports concussions)...please call SJPC for more information. 

*Dr. Kennepohl's hourly rate is $220

1 With the exception of the legal assessments these price estimates are based on an hourly rate of $180 which is consistent with College of Psychologists of NB fee guidelines